Independent algorithm to avoid duplication, fairely and optimizely redistributes deduplicated records in order to reach better campaigns performance.
DSTP 'codes' helps to get better email deliverability


Protect your BRAND and your customer relationships while improoving direct campaigns:
Control direct campaign Coverage!
Control direct campaign Frequencies!
Avoid contact with existing customers!
Save money in each campaign flight!


Increase your direct ADV performance:
Increase deliverability!
Decrease DB's unsubscription!
Improve your eCPM!
Access to the best CPM+ Campaigns


The DSTP Technology

EASY & FAST TO USE: the platform does not require any technical implementation. Only few seconds to de-duplicate millions of emails and phone numbers.

SUPER PARTES: the platform can guarantee independency, not belonging to any advertiser, publisher or agency. Morover DSTP is not involved in media buying, so we are not a new layer between Advertisers and Publishers.

SECURE: data are always exchanged throughout a non-reversible SHA-2-256 encryption and they are never shared. DSTP is in cloud, hosted on AWS servers, the most secure servers in the world.

OPTIMIZED: de-duplication is based on a self learner algorithm that guarantee the best re-distribution of records in order to get the best redemptin possible: records rotation and distribution based on results.


Plus for Advertisers

COMMUNICATION CONTROL: the platform can avoid to send DEM, SMS or CALLS to clients simply excluding users DB from the authorized records. So an advertiser can send strong promotion to potentials clients without the risk to reach an existing one.

FREQUENCY CONTROL: the de-duplication among the sender’s DBs, allows the frequency control of the DEM, SMS and CALLS message in a period of time, period’s length that you can control any time.

COVERAGE CONTROL: sending eMails, SMS or CALLING only once per creativity and only to potentials customers, the platform can give you the real coverage over the real MKT potential.

REPORTING: reports give you evidence about the media plan coverage, DEM effectiveness, Cost per Action and other details.

MONEY SAVE: pay only for the records you really want to send or the calls you really want to do.


Plus for Publishers

DB PROTECTION: sending any creativity only once to any single eMail address or SMS decreases significantly DB cancellation Rate. Maintenance cost of DB records decreases significantly.

DELIVERABILITY INCREASE: by limiting usage of any single eMail address and at the same time by removing bad emails from your list, you get easier access to secure ESP and better rank from the Spam Servers. Integrated DB can be quality certified by DSTP.

EARN MORE MONEY: by getting better conversion rate and higher compensation from Advertisers, you can get higher eCPM! Less work to get more money per record's shot.

REPORTING: reports give evidence about DB quality, DEM MKT benchmark, DB de-duplication, DB effectiveness and other details.




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