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This page is property of DEM Optimizer Srl – Via R. Botti n. 10 - 25049 Iseo (BS) – Italy – registered to the REA of Brescia (registration n. 567525) - VAT and CF 03841980984 (hereafter " Us " or the " Company "). Our Company works in the direct digital advertising area and specifically supports the delivery of advertisements through direct channels (like e-mail, SMS, etc ...). Therefore, we have a role of third-party role with respect to the website you currently come from and / or with respect to the communication via e-mail (hereafter the " Site of Origin "). This happens because when you visit the Site of Origin we install profiling cookies on your device. With this document we want to explain what cookies are and how do we use them. If you’re not familiar with cookies, we recommend you to read carefully this Cookies informative and the privacy policy of the Site of Origin, so that you can be aware of your choices. Our Society keeps in maxim consideration the right to privacy and data protection for its Members. For any information relative to this document, Users can contact the Society in any moment, using the following methods:

Through these cookies, the Society collects and treats some personal data which concern you. In this document, also to senses art. 13 of the Leg. 196 of the 30 June 2003 (the "Privacy Code “) to senses art. 13 of the Regulation EU 2016/679 of the27 April 2016 relative to protection of physical people with regard to the treatment of personal data (the" Regulation "), we explain to you how do we collect these data, for which purposes and which are your rights.


A. What are cookies and what are they for

Cookies are little text files that websites visited by users send directly to their terminal (usually to the browser) where they are stored in order to be retransmitted to the same websites at the next visit of the same user (first-party cookies ).While browsing the site the user can receive on his terminal also cookies which belong to different sites or web servers (third-party cookies );this happens because on the website visited by the user there may be other elements such as, for example, images, maps, sounds, specific link to web pages of others domains that reside on servers different from the one that you are currently visiting. In other words, these cookies are set from a different website than the one which the user is currently visiting.

Cookies can have a duration which is limited to a single session of navigation on the browser ( cookies of session ), and in that case they turn off automatically when the browser is closed from the user; or can have a predetermined deadline and, in that case, they will remain stored and active in your hard disk till the deadline date and they will continue to collect information during the different sessions of navigation on the browser (permanent cookies).

Cookies are used for different functions. Some are needed because allow you to navigate on Internet websites and to use their functionalities (technical cookies). Others are used to get statistics information, in aggregate form or not, on the number of users which access to Internet websites and is on how these Internet websites are used (monitoring or analytics cookies). Others, finally, are used to track your consumer profile and let you visualize advertisements on Internet websites that could be interesting for you, since they are consistent with your tastes and with your consumption habits (profiling cookies).


B. Profiling Cookies

Profiling cookies are used to create your user profile, based on preferences and tastes that you manifested during the navigation on the Internet. These cookies let you observe advertising messages coherent with your profile. In this way the advertising messages that you’ll visualize on the Site of Origin and on other websites on which our cookies are hosted will be much more interesting for you. Our Society also chooses to use some cookies that record your activities, ex. click and / or if you open a specific communication, always in order to provide you with a better service.

Such as expected from current legislation in matter of privacy, in order to install these cookies, your prior consent is required. For this reason, when you access to the Site of Origin a special banner is displayed in evidence. This banner informs you that (i) on the Site of Origin profiling cookies are used and that (ii) closing the banner, scrolling the home page or clicking whatever element on the home page out of the banner, you agree to the use of cookies. In some cases, the Site of Origin can ask you also an explicit consent for the installation of these cookies, for example asking you to click on a specific button of acceptance. For more information visit the privacy policy published on the Site of Origin.

So far as you express your consent for the installation of cookies, the publisher of the Site of Origin could keep track of your consent through a special technical cookie. In this way, the publisher of the Site of Origin will avoid showing you the banner on cookies during your successive visits to the Site of Origin. We recommend you consider that, whenever you remove this technical cookie from your browser with the modality of which to the following section C, n.1, the track of your consent would be lost and, therefore, during your next visit to the Site of Origin the banner on cookies will be displayed again.

Of course, you’re free to stop the installation of profiling cookies at any moment. The visit to the Site of Origin and the enjoyment of its contents will not be compromised.

Our profiling cookies are directly installed from the Society when you visit the Site of Origin. These cookies are permanent and have a maxim duration of 12 months. Here the list of profiling cookies used by us, with indications of the modalities through which you can oppose to their installation:

Cookie name

Cookie category



first part profiling cookies

Generated when you click on a link on information on: campaign, sending, clicked link, sha256 of the contact (email address).Expires after 180 days.


first part profiling cookies

Generated when you click on a link on contains a unique and random ID. Expires after 180 days.


In order to disable these profiling cookies you have to modify the settings of your browser (see section C, n. 1) otherwise write to us at the following email address:


C. How to handle cookies and oppose to their use

There are different options in order to handle, disable and delete cookies.

(1) Change the settings of your browser

Follow the instructions provided by the producer of the browser that you use to discover how to handle, disable or delete all cookies (technical, analytics and profiling):


(2) Use our interactive instruments

To disable profiling cookies, or those installed directly from us, you can use methods indicated in section B of this document.

To disable third-party cookies, consult the privacy policy of third parties which install or profiling cookies (see previous section B) to know other instruments to handle, disable or delete cookies, and more in general for meddling to their use. Remember that, disabling third-party cookies, (i) you oppose to their use not only on the Site of Origin but on all websites on which these cookies are used and (ii) the possibility to navigate on the Site of origin and to use its functionalities will not be affected. When you disable third-party cookies you’ll still see the banner on the home page of the site related to cookies; in this case, however, closing the banner, scrolling the home page or clicking whatever element on the home page out of the banner, you won’t receive third-party cookies that you have correctly disabled.


D. Treatment methods and data retention times

Such as highlighted in the premise of this Cookie document, the Society collects and treats some of your personal data through cookies which conveys directly on the Site (first-party cookies). The Society acts in quality of holder for the treatment of these data, in compliance with provisions of the Regulation. We will treat your data only with electronic instruments, in a totally automated way and without human intermediation. Therefore, our employees and collaborators will never be able to access to the content of your personal data obtained through cookies. This means that they will never be able to log into and / or to have direct personal identification information (IPI).

Some of our employees and collaborators, from us appointed as in charge of processing, might do maintenance interventions on IT systems that host your data, without ever being able to access to their actual content. Personal data might be stored in servers managed by third-subjects (ex. providers of IT systems) or they might be managed from specialized subjects in online advertising, which act in quality of responsible external to the treatment based on a specific written appointment by the Company. We inform you that, with respect to assumptions and guarantees established from the Regulation, your data might be transferred in countries not belonging to the European economic area, that might not offer a level of privacy and data protection as the one guaranteed by Italian and European laws on privacy, but as holder we’ll keep in maxim consideration safety of data, therefore we will proceed in management of these transfers with all the due caution and guarantees. Your personal data won’t be communicated to third holders of the treatment neither they will be widespread.


E. Your rights

To exercise your rights, or get any further information or explanation related to this Cookie Informative, please contact the Society with the following methods:


Pursuant to the Regulation, the Society informs that users have the right to know:


Moreover, Users have the right to know:


Moreover, Users have:

a) the right to revoke the consent at any moment, so far as the treatment is based on their consent;

b) (where applicable) the right to data portability (the right to receive all personal data that concern them in a structured format, of common use and readable from automatic device), the right to treatment limitation of personal data and to the right of cancellation (" right to oblivion ");

c) the right to oppose

     · in whole or in part, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of personal data concerning them, even if pertinent to the purpose of collection

   · in whole or in part, to the processing of personal data concerning them for the purpose of sending advertising materials or direct sales or for carrying out market research or commercial communication;

   ·if personal data are processed for direct marketing purposes, at any time, to the processing of your data for this purpose, including profiling to the extent to which it is connected to such direct marketing;

d) if they consider that the treatment that concerns them violates the Regulation, the right to lodge a complaint to a Supervisory Authority (in the Member State in which they habitually reside, in the one in which they work or in the one in which the alleged violation occurred). The Italian supervisory authority is the Guarantor for the protection of personal data , with headquarters in Piazza Venezia 11, 00186 - Rome (



The Society is not responsible for the update of all link displayable in this Cookie informative, therefore every time a link isn’t working and / or updated, Users must recognize and accept that they will always have to refer to the document and / or section of Internet websites recalled from such link.